Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy

The best defence against cancer is early detection.

Using a minimally invasive technique, we can locate the abnormality and take a tissue sample for a microscopic examination.

Understanding Breast biopsies

A breast biopsy involves the use of local anesthetic and ultrasound guidance, as a radiologist inserts a needle into a known lesion in the breast. The procedure is accomplished by using ultrasound to guide the needle to the lesion in real time. Multiple samples are collected and sent to the Red Deer Regional Hospital Laboratory for analysis.

An ultrasound-guided breast biopsy is less invasive than a surgical biopsy and leaves little to no scarring.

Understanding Prostate Biopsies

An ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy is a procedure where a special needle is inserted into the prostate gland, with ultrasound guidance, to take a small sample of tissue from the gland. The samples are then sent to the Red Deer Regional Hospital Laboratory for testing and analysis, to determine the presence or absence of prostate cancer.

Get Clear, Diagnostic Results

If on your recent breast imaging or prostate examination the physician detected an abnormality, you may be sent for an image-guided biopsy.

A biopsy is used to determine whether an abnormality is malignant or benign.

Biopsies For Early Detection

Less Invasive Than A Surgical Biopsy

Identify Malignant or Benign Abnormalitie

Minimally Invasive

You may be referred for a Prostate Biopsy for three main reasons:

  1. Your prostate-specific antigen (PSA), measured through a blood test, is high or rising rapidly.
  2. Your doctor may have felt an abnormality in your prostate when carrying out a digital rectal examination (DRE), where your doctor had inserted a gloved finger in your rectum (anus) to feel your prostate for any abnormal enlargement or other abnormality.
  3. If you have a family history of prostate cancer.

Complications to watch for:

The two main risk factors for this procedure are bleeding and infection.

To minimize the risk of bleeding, patients are required to stop any anticoagulant or antiplatelet medication for a minimum of 5 days before the procedure.

To minimize the risk of infection, the procedure is performed using sterile technique and we request that the biopsy site is kept clean and dry for 24 hours following the procedure.

Preparing For Your Appointment


  • All blood thinners (Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix,Aspirin, Eliquis etc.) must be discontinued for 5 daysprior to your procedure, but only after your physicianhas provided written approval, post consultation. Take all other medications as per usual.
  • Eat and drink normally the day of your appointment, having something to eat before your appointmentis encouraged.
  • Antibiotics prescribed by your physician must be taken prior to the appointment and should not be taken with calcium supplements or dairy products.
  • Please arrive for your appointment 30 minutes priorto your appointment time.
  • You should be accompanied by a driver, but if thisis not possible you will be asked to remain in thedepartment for 30-60 minutes post procedure.
  • Additional instructions will be given at timeof booking.


  • When you arrive you will check in at the main floor reception.
  • You will be given an exam procedure information sheet to read.
  • You will be greeted by one of our technologists and be asked to change into a gown and shorts, removing all clothing.
  • The technologist will then review your history, explain the procedure, and have you sign a consent form.
  • You will be positioned on a diagnostic bed.
  • The radiologist is called into the room and reviews relevant imaging and documentation.
  • The radiologist will then perform the biopsy using ultrasound image guidance, and several samples will be obtained.
  • The samples will be forwarded to the Red Deer Laboratory for testing and the results forwarded to your doctor in 5-7 business days.


  • Once the procedure is complete you will be asked to wait for 30 minutes.
  • Book a follow up appointment with your referring physician to discuss the biopsy results
  • Breast Biopsies Only:
    • You must keep the biopsy site dry for 24 hours.
    • You may use ice packs (no heat) and over the counter pain medications for pain control as needed. Do not use Aspirin as it will increase blood clotting times.
  • Prostate Biopsies
    • You may resume normal activity as tolerated after the procedure. Avoid significant Valsalva (bearing down).
    • There may be blood in your urine, semen or stool, usually lasts 24-48 hours but can last 7 days. If this side effect lasts longer, contact your physician immediately.
  • Finish all antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
  • If there are signs of infection including fever and/or chills, and/or new suprapubic pain and/or dysuria, contact your family physician or go to your nearest Emergency Department.
  • Do not use Aspirin as it may prevent clotting. You may resume blood thinners the day after your procedure.

Covered by Alberta Health Care

Referrals are necessary for all bookings

Exam Duration: 60 – 90mins

My technician Rhonda and Dr. Venu are absolutely exceptional in their bedside manner. They were thoroughly invested in ensuring I was comfortable, informed, and well taken care of. I’ve had the same family doctor for 26 years and I felt just as comfortable with Dr. Venu and Rhonda today as I do with my own family physician.

Your HomeWatchTM

I was scheduled for an MRI and everything went smoothly and quickly! I was called in not even 5 minutes after my appointment time! The technician in the MRI room was really nice and friendly. Would not hesitate to book again and do the drive from Calgary.

Kathleen Boucher

I use CAMIS in Red Deer as a medical professional and as a patient. Yesterday I used it as a patient to have a pain management procedure with Dr. Mann. The fluoroscopy technicians were very friendly and professional and made the whole process quick and efficient. Dr. Mann was funny and took great pride in keeping everything sterile and as pain free as possible. Overall as a patient and medical professional I give CAMIS a big thumbs up.


I cannot say enough good things about all the staff and doctors I interacted with the last two days. What was a very scary and stressful time was made enjoyable, easy, understandable and friendly.

Carrie McKay

I had a Barbotage treatment at the new CAMIS Notre Dame location. I have to say the staff there are excellent. The one in the treatment room with me was so kind, considerate and compassionate). I just want to compliment the lovely lady who assisted the Doctor who was also exceptionally good at trying not to cause me any more pain. Great job done by both of them.

Carole Carnahan

Impressed with my mammogram appointment today, the lineup went quickly and was efficiently managed. Pam was wonderful, these tests aren’t fun but she was kind, gentle, and has an excellent personality. The ladies at the front desk were also friendly and very knowledgeable and answered all my questions . Thank you for a great experience.


We travel 1.5 hours for prenatal ultrasounds to come here instead of the 30mins to the place closest to us due to great experiences with the ultrasound techs in Red Deer, they have all been lovely!

Brooke Zimmer


Do You Need A Biopsy?

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