Our Team Working With You, For You.

Our team working with you, for you.

We take a collaborative and client focused approach to all of our examinations, promising that you get the best care available.

Every patient is unique, which is why we strive to ensure that your doctor receives your diagnostic report within 24 hours. Upon your physician receiving your report, we will work with them so that if follow-up imaging is required it can be done promptly.

Our services

Our professionalism and expertise, matched with our commitment to the advancement of medical imaging is what makes us the first choice for both public and private healthcare patients.

Public & Private Health Care

CAMIS offers both public and private healthcare. Almost all of our services are publicly funded, requiring a physician’s referral.

Our private, paid services include MRI scans, which also require a referral from a doctor, and our Platelet-rich Plasma treatment, which can be accessed without a referral.

If you wish to know more about our public or private services, please email connect@camiscare.ca.

Accessible for everyone

Our clinics are modern, clean, and highly regarded, with our Red Deer practice being the most respected, full-service diagnostic imaging clinic in the Central Alberta area.

All CAMIS facilities are easily accessible and with free parking, we are able to provide you with a comfortable, worry-free experience while at any of our locations.

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Central Alberta Proud

We see many Central Alberta faces come through our doors on a daily basis and while we are committed to their health and well-being while at CAMIS, we’re also interested in their health and well-being outside of our clinic.

We endeavour to take care of all of Central Alberta by providing trust and support to our local community. As we put our support behind the many great charities, businesses, and events already running in Central Alberta we believe we can positively impact the health and well-being of our local communities.

2020 Local Contribution List

Supporting Future Sonographers through Scholarship Funding

Every year, CAMIS awards two entrance scholarships, one for SAIT and one for NAIT, to students who meet certain criteria.

Students interested in applying for these scholarships can find the links here:

SAIT application form

NAIT application form

2020 SAIT winner

Emily Neville from Elnora: winner of the CAMIS 2020 Ultrasound Entrance Scholarship at SAIT.

We wish to thank all the SAIT 1st year DMS students that applied for this scholarship.

2020 NAIT winner

Melissa Manon-Willms from Red Deer: winner of the CAMIS 2020 Ultrasound Entrance Scholarship at NAIT.

We wish to thank all the NAIT 1st year DMS students that applied for this scholarship.