CT Scan / WCB Contract


We are excited to announce that CAMIS has now partnered with WCB to enhance healthcare services for WCB patients. This means that individuals with WCB claims can now get CT imaging quickly, ensuring they receive prompt treatment and can return to work faster.

The Benefits of the CAMIS-WCB Contract:

The primary goal of the CAMIS-WCB contract is to make it easier for WCB patients to get CT scans quickly. This means they can get the right treatment promptly, recover faster, and return to work sooner. The partnership between CAMIS and WCB ensures that WCB patients receive complete care and support throughout their recovery journey.

Services Covered by the Contract:

This contract covers all CT services provided by CAMIS. That means WCB patients can have any CT imaging they need for their diagnosis and treatment. CAMIS offers CT scans of the head, facial and temporal bones, sinuses, joints, spine and chest.

Do I need a physician referral?

Yes, WCB patients will need to have a physician referral and a WCB claim number. This requirement ensures that CT imaging services are provided to those who genuinely need them for their WCB claim. The referral system helps keep the process efficient and effective by prioritizing those who require the services.

The CAMIS-WCB contract is an annual agreement that ensures WCB patients have access to fast CT imaging services whenever they need them. This collaboration improves treatment plans by speeding up the imaging process, resulting in timely diagnosis and targeted treatments. Our ultimate aim is to help workers return to work faster, supporting their well-being and productivity while minimizing the impact of injuries and illnesses.

CT Scans are offered at the Red Deer Main location. Click here to learn more about CT Imaging.