What you should know about prostate cancer


Prostate cancer is by far the most common type of cancer among Canadian men. (The prostate is a small gland found only in males. Its job is to produce seminal fluid.)

Many prostate cancers are slow growing and are confined to the prostate. They may not cause serious harm. There are other types, however, that are aggressive and spread quickly. Early detection — when the cancer is limited to the prostate gland — provides the best chance for successful treatment.

This article provides basic information about prostate cancer, explains screening procedures, and provides resources for support.

While screening for prostate cancer isn’t generally recommended unless you’re having symptoms, men over 50 should check with their doctor for their recommendation. All of us at CAMIS encourage you to learn about prostate cancer, your risk, and talk to your doctor about their recommendation on screening. If you’re diagnosed, there are great support resources available.

“It helped me a lot to listen to other people’s stories and understand that every story is different…. Connecting with others going through something similar reminded me that I wasn’t alone….” Charlie, a cancer survivor