CT Scans at CAMIS


What is a CT Scan?

Most of us have heard of or have even had a CT scan, but what are they exactly? A CT (Computed Tomography) scan is a collection of images of a specific area of your body, seen as cross-sectional or longitudinal “slices”, that provide more anatomical detail than a conventional x-ray. They are often referred to as “CAT” scans.

CT Scan Images

Conventional x-rays are 2 dimensional images. With CT, the images or “slices” are also 2 dimensional, but these can be reconstructed into a 3-dimensional image of the area in question. CT scans can provide more detailed information about anatomy and soft tissue than standard x-ray images and are key in the diagnosis of both injuries, and/or diseases of the body.

Difference between CT Scans and MRIs

Both CT scanner and MRI machines produce images of the inside of your body. CT Scans are acquired using x-rays (radiation), while MRI uses radio waves and magnetic fields. Both procedures require lying down inside a large scanner. Your doctor will recommend the most helpful scan for your situation. CT scans are slightly less costly as compared to an MRI, which contributes to the appeal of offering them privately.

CT Scan Benefits and Risks

CT scans are a valuable imaging tool, allowing for earlier diagnosis of some fractures, tumors and disease processes. The length of a CT scan is very short and CT scans are considered to be safe. The benefits far outweigh the risk from the small dose of radiation required, and the smallest possible dose is used for each scan.

CAMIS CT Scans in Alberta

CAMIS will begin offering private CT scans in the Summer of 2022. Your health and comfort are of utmost importance to us, and the team at CAMIS provides complete care that takes into account any current conditions or concerns you may have. As always, we communicate your diagnostic results with your doctor as quickly as possible, so they can efficiently and accurately diagnose and treat your medical condition.

If you are waiting for a CT scan and would like to know more about our privately-offered CT scans please visit our CT scan service page.